Welcome to the Pirate Show Live!

Come join us in the UKs first ever interactive pirate experience to land on our shores – Pirate Show Live! The perfect show for families in 2022.  

What is Pirate Show Live?

We are the UKs first ever interactive pirate experience to land on our shore.  It is a family friendly show and perfect entertainment for children aged 3 years and upwards!

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Pirates Adventures

Dive into the thrilling world of pirates.  You will see some of the best acrobatic performances from around the world, whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat with an engaging, magical and original story. All children visiting our show will receive complimentary gifts as well.

Pirates Afventures | Pirate Show Live | Female Acrobat | London | UK
Pirate Adventures | Pirate Show Live | Acrobat | London | UK
Pirates Adventures | Pirate Show Live | Male Acrobat | London | UK

Dinner Show

Dinner is included! Enjoy a delicious meal as you see our pirates fly through the air, perform incredible dare devil stunts and have breath-taking sword fights around and above you!

Pirates Information: The Venue

Don't miss out on being one of the first to see this epic adventure make its maiden voyage in London in July 2022!

Pirate Show Live is being performed at artdepot in North Finchley, London.

5 Nether Street
Tally Ho Corner
N12 0GA

For full details of how to get there please see our FAQ page.